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Sep 25, 2020 | Category: Gemstones, What's Trending

kimberly collins

Unsurprisingly, most people don’t know much about the gemstone supply chain, nor have they thought much about where gemstones come from. The reality is that gemstones come from all over the world; from the farthest reaches of Africa to the mountains of Montana. So, where do our gemstones come from, and how does a fiery red ruby make it from Mogok, Myanmar all the way to Walters & Hogsett Jewelers in Boulder, CO?

Enter Kimberly Collins.

kimberly collins jewelry

Kim is a dealer of colored gemstones who travels the globe in search of the perfect gemstones with the perfect color. Unlike many gemstone dealers who buy parcels, or groups of gemstones, Kim is what the industry refers to as a cherry picker. She searches high and low for very specific individual gemstones, and never buys a gemstone without seeing it first. The result is an unbelievable collection of radiant, hand-selected gems from all around the world: the best of the best. Kim is also one of very few women who does what she does, and she more than holds her own in an industry typically dominated by men.

Kim got her start in 1995 after a life-changing trip to Africa to learn the tanzanite trade. She brought her newfound passion and skills back to San Francisco and co-founded the first iteration of what would eventually become Kimberly Collins Colored Gems. As time went on–and after numerous requests from friends and clients–Kim began creating one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry specifically designed to showcase her hand-selected gems.

Not only is Kim passionate and creative, but she really cares about doing things the right way. Kim is a proud member of the American Gem Trade Association (as is Walters & Hogsett Jewelers) and is held to the industry’s strictest and most comprehensive Code of Ethics and Fair Business Practices.

Share in the adventure, fall in love with gemstones, and find inspiration for your own custom gemstone piece!

Browse her collections now or schedule an appointment to begin the custom process!

kimberly collins jewelry

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