Gem of the Week: Quartz

Oct 08, 2019 | Category: Uncategorized

Gem of the week - Quartz

Quartz is a very well-known stone and even your average Joe on the street is probably familiar with it. You can find quartz just about everywhere. You probably know the names amethyst, citrine and smoky quarts quite well. Today’s topic is all about rutilated quartz and we think you’re going to crush on it just as hard as we have!

Rutilated quartz is a clear quartz that is known for and desired because of its inclusions. The stone has “needles” which are strands of rutile within the structure of the quartz. Rutile is a form of titanium dioxide combined with varying amounts of iron oxide. The more iron oxide content, the more golden and reddish color the needles. When the iron oxide content is lower, it has darker, sometimes even black needles.

Some of our favorite designers in the store utilize rutilated quartz in some extravagant pieces. Lika Behar is known for her beautiful, unique pieces and has used rutilated quartz of all varieties. John Hardy has also just recently released a new collection that utilizes rutilated quartz as well! Check out our Instagram this week to stay in the know about some of our favorites pieces or stop in the store to check out what we currently are lusting after!

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