Jewelry & Watch Repair

Jewelry Repair

Could your favorites use a little lift?

Whether we’re repairing, resizing or redesigning, Walters & Hogsett Jewelers guarantees you the highest quality workmanship.  With our state-of-the-art laser repair technology, we have the capability to handle all types of jewelry repair work, even the more intricate and challenging repairs!  In fact, most of our clients pick their piece up and realize “It hasn’t looked this good since I bought it!”

Mark and Don from Walters and Hogsett
Pictured left to right, Owners Mark Vieregg and Don Janson

At Walters & Hogsett, we have an in store master jeweler with over 26 years of experience. Your treasures are fixed right here in our store.  We generally request a week for the process after the estimates are approved and work daily to exceed these expectations.  If needed, many repairs can be ready within 24-48 hours for an additional fee. Here are a few things to know about our jewelry repair services:

jewelry repair goldsmith in Boulder, CO jewelry store - walters and hogsett jewelers
Todd Hollely, Master Jeweler
  • We gladly provide estimates at no charge and may need 48 hours to thoroughly exam your item and give you the best most accurate estimate from our master jeweler. 
  • Your jewelry will be insured while it’s in our possession, and to assure your peace of mind, we will help you examine your jewelry under a microscope before and after the repair.
  • We offer ring sizing, soldering, re-tipping, prong repair, shank repair, stone setting, rhodium plating, pearl and bead re-stringing, along with other standard repairs. We can fix your broken chains or worn out clasps and convert those old clip-on earrings to posts!  Our master jeweler will re-furbish worn out items and give ideas on re-fashioning existing jewelry to make it almost new again or a new style.    
  • We’ve been a trusted family business for 39 years! Therefore, you can be absolutely sure your jewelry is in good hands.

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Watch Repair

Starting To Waste Time?

Have a watch that has started running slow or quit altogether? Let us diagnose the problem and get you back on time.

Our local watchmaker boasts 35 years of experience working on every kind of timepiece, and is a member of the American Watchmakers Institute. We’re able to service your watch movement, replace a broken crystal, and adjust timing. We can also access any factory authorized service center specific to your timepiece.

Our trusted, expert watch repair services include:

  • Estimates at no charge
  • Insurance while your watch is in our possession
  • Battery replacement in-house for $10-$15
  • Crystal replacement, watch strap replacement, servicing of the movement, crown and stem replacement, timing, buckle adjustment, and water testing.

Please keep in mind that more complicated battery replacements may need to go to the shop and can cost extra. Repairs can often take a few weeks, as the inner movements are complicated little machines. Your patience is appreciated.

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watch being repaired in Boulder, CO jewelry store - walters and hogsett jewelers

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