Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing: It’s a piece of cake.

Thinking about having your ears pierced?  Think Walters & Hogsett.  Don has years of experience and has pierced thousands of ears. In fact, he’s actually famous for ear piercing in Boulder. Just check out his reviews on Yelp!

What to expect from ear piercing.

Don will sit down with you and take his time to measure out the exact placement of each piercing, so you end up with beautifully even earrings.

Once the ear is perfectly marked, he will use an ear-piercing gun to make the hole. It’s quick and simple! (Most little girls laugh because they are shocked at how easy it is!)

Then Don will walk you through the process of cleaning and caring for your new earrings. Keep that up for 4-6 weeks, and then come back for another visit when Don will make sure everything has healed properly and switch out your earrings for the first time!

No appointments necessary, but feel free to give us a call ahead of time so we can make sure Don is around the day you want to come in. The whole process takes about 15 minutes and costs only $45, which includes the 14k white or yellow gold ball stud earrings.

Call now! (303) 532-1786

Still feeling nervous?

Here are just a few stories from some of the many girls who have gone before you!

“Getting my ears pierced at Walters & Hogsett was infinitely easier than I thought it would be, both because of the relaxed atmosphere Don (my new best friend) created, and the professionalism and glamor of the store in general. I love them.”

-Erin T.G., 16

“I was nervous at first, but when I got my ears pierced, it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. It was so fun!”

-Erin W., 11

“Just imagine how pretty you’ll look afterwards. It’s a little scary, but don’t be scared because it won’t hurt much.”

-Evelyn M., 10


“It tingles, but it’s worth it. When you’re done and you look in the mirror, you feel like you’ve really changed.”

-Amelia M., 7


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