Gemstone Roundtable with Kim Collins

Oct 27, 2016 | Category: Events, In Store

Imagine 16 people sitting around a table, inspecting precious gems and calling “dibs!” on the ones they like the best, and you’ll get an idea of what happened here at Walters & Hogsett on Thursday, October 13th during our second annual Gemstone Roundtable event.


As one of our most anticipated events of the year, every Roundtable event is closed to a particular number of select clientele who have shown an interest in colored gemstones. The way it works is thrilling, but also quite simple: a number of loose gems are sent around the table and each guest has a few seconds to inspect each gem and choose whether or not to call “dibs” on it. Regardless of whether or not a gem has been “dibs-ed,” it keeps being passed around to other guests, who then also have the option to call dibs on it. Once all gems have made their way around the table, the guests then can decide if they’d like to purchase the gems they called “dibs” on, with priority given to those who called dibs on the gem first. If the person who called dibs first decides not to purchase the gem, the second person who called dibs on the same gem is then given the opportunity to do so, and so on until all dibs on a particular gem have been addressed or the stone has a new home!ramsay

This particular Roundtable event featured over 100 loose gemstones of various shapes and sizes from Kim Collins, one of our absolute favorite vendors. The gemstones came from all over the world, including tanzanite from Brazil, emeralds from Columbia, and the super rare red spinel from Burma. The Malaia garnet gemstone out of East Africa was one particular impressive gemstone to be introduced to guests, since it hasn’t actually been found in mines for over 15 years! As event attendees got a chance to inspect each and every gemstone being passed around, they also enjoyed wine from Boulder Wine Merchant and delicious food from Cheese Importers out of Longmont.

Interested in participating in our next Round Table event? Get in touch with us!

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