Designer Feature: John Hardy & Marco Bicego

Nov 17, 2016 | Category: Events, In Store, What's Trending

john-hardy-blogWhen it comes to purchasing jewelry, we know that there are a lot of choices out there. So, that’s where we as jewelry professionals come in: to educate you on designers and brands worth learning more about!

Considering our upcoming designer trunk shows with John Hardy & Marco Bicego this Friday Nov. 18th & Saturday Nov. 19th, we’d like to introduce you to these two designers, both of which we have come to admire and love for more than just their (truly) stunning jewelry. Here, a few interesting facts about the two brands we think you should know:


Both Marco Bicego & John Hardy are dedicated to creating beautiful hand-crafted jewelry in a modern, yet timeless design. For John Hardy, this is expressed in gemstone accents, beads, rugged leather details, and hand-woven chains. As for Marco Bicego, one look at his Masai collection featuring hand-coiled strands in 18 karat gold and it’s clear this designer comes from a long line of goldsmiths. The quality of Bicego’s pieces is also apparent in the signature texture on most of his pieces, applied by hand with a tool known as a bulino.


If you are looking for more than just another piece of pretty jewelry, John Hardy & Marco Bicego are both designers that can offer you much more than just a physical connection to your baubles. John Hardy’s vision is that each collection conveys “evocative symbolism,” as the label calls it, as well as honor the creative energy transferred to the piece from the local artisan. The pieces in Hardy’s Legends Cobra collection, for example, are created to symbolize the Cobra’s manifestation of reincarnation and are meant to invoke renewal, vitality, and transformation.

marco-bicego-blogMarco Bicego’s brand also carries with it its own sentimentality. Marco inherited the family’s business, which was founded in 1958 by his father. Each piece from the brand therefore carries with it a piece of the designer’s own Italian upbringing and Venetian origins. As such, every time you wear a Bicego piece, you wear a part of the designer’s own cultural background and family tradition. Not to mention that a few of his collections are also inspired by other cultures, such as the Africa collection, which evokes boldness in a manner that is remarkably light and fluid.



Head over to the John Hardy & Marco Bicego websites and you’ll be amazed at the variety of styles and collections the two brands offer. John Hardy currently carries 7 different lines for women and 3 for men, while Marco Bicego offers its customers a whopping fourteen different collections to choose from. From a rugged leather bracelet to raw stones and earrings emulating bamboo, John Hardy has a piece to satisfy every style. The same can be said of Marco Bicego, whose designs vary from the bold spheres in his Africa collection to the delicate pieces in his Delicati collection and the multicolored gemstones featured in his Paradise collection, just to name a few. With so many options, you’re sure to find the ultimate piece of jewelry to both fit your personality and convey your convictions.

With all this said, you are probably jumping out of your seat to see this jewelry in person, so we encourage you to come visit the store this Friday and Saturday to see the overwhelming number of pieces we have in for these trunk shows! This is an amazing opportunity to touch, feel and try on some exclusive pieces that we don’t normally have around!

Looking to meet other designers? Check out our Designer Days event taking place every weekend in December, which will count with the presence of the three designers below:

Dec 2nd & 3rd – Samantha Louise

Dec 9th & 10th – Lika Behar

Dec 16th & 17th – Sethi Couture

Don’t forget to bring your curiosity & we’ll see you there!

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