The History

Many people love to give and receive a gift commemorating their time together. And, we love that many people commemorate being together with the gift of jewelry! But anniversary gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more traditional. Others are more modern. When did this practice begin? The idea of marking a wedding anniversary some say traces back to Ancient Rome, or Medieval Germany.  Of course, there is really no sure way of knowing. However, by the 18th century, the evidence seems to point to its wider use in Germany. For example, friends of the married couple might give the wife a wreath made out of silver to commemorate 25 years of wedded bliss.  Should they reach 50 years, that wreath would actually be gold! Among English-speaking regions, that tradition started showing up in the 1800’s. During that time frame the idea of marriage was growing in leaps and bounds, but there were strict gender roles. And it was believed that wives should be celebrated (far more than men) because at the time it was believed that it was the wife who deserved more recognition since it took more work on the wife’s part.

couple anniversary

It wasn’t until the 20th century that a yearly list was invented, and even then it’s been subject to change. According to an article published in TIME Magazine, July 6, 2017, by 1910, The Standard Home Reference Library provided a longer list of suggestions with yearly gifts for the first five years (paper, straw, candy, leather, wood) as well as presents for years seven (floral), ten (tin), 12 (linen), 15 (crystal) and 20 (china). Gifts of pearl, coral, emerald and ruby filled in the roster for years 30 to 45. The diamond anniversary was acceptable either at 60 or 75 years. Emily Post’s 1922 bestselling etiquette book, provides eight specific occasions and explains how they ought to be marked, noting that in the U.S. it was “not very good form” to have a big anniversary party, feeling it was simply a celebration asking for gifts! She made the exception for “major anniversaries” like number 50 considering that to be a “sacred event”.

sapphire anniversary

That very same year, the American National Retail Jewelers Association discussed supplementing the more common gifts with jewelry.  Over the next decade, they worked to create a comprehensive list for jewelers to use all over the U.S. Not to appear self-serving, it wasn’t all about jewelry, but there was a large emphasis on precious metals and gemstones. Then, it was up to the marketing and here we are today.

Suffice to say, things have dramatically changed. And, all of it for the better. Love between two people has no boundaries or sees no gender. But what has remained is a desire to show a loved one how much you appreciate and care for them. That can be celebrated in any number of ways. And not always we might add, with a physical gift. Sometimes, just saying “I love and appreciate you” is all that matters.

Fun & Folklore

Did you know that in popular wedding anniversary folklore there’s a rhyme for whatever month you were married? We’re not suggesting you take these to heart, but they are fun to read!


Marry when the year is new, your partner will be loving, kind and true.


When February birds do mate, you wed nor dread your fate.


If you wed when March winds blow, joy and sorrow both you’ll know.


Marry in April if you can, joy for maiden and for man.


Marry in the month of May, you will surely rule the day.


Marry when June roses grow and over land and sea you’ll go.


Those who in July who wed must labor for their daily bread.


Whoever wed in August be, many a change is sure to see.


Marry in September’s shine so that your life is rich and fine.


If in October you do marry, love will come but riches tarry.


If you wed in bleak November, only joys will come, remember!


When December’s snows fall fast, marry and your love will last.

Shop By Year

We’ve got some ideas that are traditionally given for each year.  Rest assured any gift of jewelry is the perfect gift!

Gold Anniversary Jewelry

1st Anniversary

Jewelry:  Gold
Traditional:  Paper
Modern:  Clocks

Garnet Anniversary Jewelry

2nd Anniversary

Jewelry:  Garnet
Traditional:  Cotton
Modern:  China

Pearl Anniversary Jewelry

3rd Anniversary

Jewelry:  Pearl
Traditional:  Leather
Modern:  Crystal/Glass

Blue Topaz Anniversary Jewelry

4th Anniversary

Jewelry:  Blue Topaz
Traditional:  Linen, Silk
Modern:  Appliances

Sapphire Anniversary Jewelry

5th Anniversary

Jewelry: Sapphire
Traditional:  Wood
Modern: Silverware

Amethyst Anniversary Jewelry

6th Anniversary

Jewelry:  Amethyst
Traditional:  Candy or Iron
Modern:  Wood

Yellow Sapphire Anniversary Jewelry

7th Anniversary

Jewelry: Onyx or Yellow Sapphire
Traditional: Wool or Copper
Modern: Desk Sets

Tourmaline Anniversary Jewelry

8th Anniversary

Jewelry: Tourmaline
Traditional: Pottery or Bronze
Modern: Linens/Lace

Lapis Anniversary Jewelry

9th Anniversary

Jewelry: Lapis Lazuli
Traditional: Willow or Pottery
Modern: Leather

Diamond Anniversary Jewelry

10th Anniversary

Jewelry:  Diamond
Traditional:  Tin or Aluminum
Modern: Tin or Aluminum

Turquoise Anniversary Jewelry

11th Anniversary

Jewelry:  Turquoise
Traditional:  Steel
Modern:  Fashion Jewelry

Jade Anniversary Jewelry

12th Anniversary

Jewelry:  Jade
Traditional:  Silk or Linen
Modern:  Pearls

Citrine Anniversary Jewelry

13th Anniversary

Jewelry:  Citrine
Traditional:  Lace
Modern:  Textile Furs

Opal Anniversary Jewelry

14th Anniversary

Jewelry:   Opal
Traditional:   Ivory
Modern:   Gold Jewelry

Ruby Anniversary Jewelry

15th Anniversary

Jewelry:   Ruby
Traditional:   Crystal
Modern:   Watches

Peridot Anniversary Jewelry

16th Anniversary

Jewelry:   Peridot
Traditional:   Coffee or Tea
Modern:   Silver Holloware

Watch Anniversary Jewelry

17th Anniversary

Jewelry:   Carnelian/Watches
Traditional:   Wine or Spirits
Modern:   Furniture

Opal Anniversary Jewelry

18th Anniversary

Jewelry:   Cat’s Eye or Opal
Traditional:   Appliances
Modern:   Porcelain

Aquamarine Anniversary Jewelry

19th Anniversary

Jewelry:   Aquamarine
Traditional:   Jade
Modern: Bronze

Emerald Anniversary Jewelry

20th Anniversary

Jewelry:  Emerald
Traditional:  China
Modern:   Platinum

Iolite Anniversary Jewelry

21st Anniversary

Jewelry:   Iolite
Traditional:   Fire (theme)
Modern:   Brass or Nickel

Spinel Anniversary Jewelry

22nd Anniversary

Jewelry:   Spinel
Traditional:   Water (theme)
Modern:   Copper

Sapphire Anniversary Jewelry

23rd Anniversary

Jewelry:  Imperial Topaz or Sapphire
Traditional:  Air (theme)
Modern:  Silver Plate

Tanzanite Anniversary Jewelry

24th Anniversary

Jewelry:   Tanzanite
Traditional:   Stone (theme)
Modern:   Musical Instruments

Silver Anniversary Jewelry

25th Anniversary

Jewelry:  Silver
Traditional:  Silver
Modern:  Silver

Pearl Anniversary Jewelry

30th Anniversary

Jewelry:  Pearls
Traditional:  Pearls
Modern:   Diamond Jewelry

Emerald Anniversary Jewelry

35th Anniversary

Jewelry:  Emerald
Traditional:   Coral
Modern:  Jade

Ruby Anniversary Jewelry

40th Anniversary

Jewelry:  Ruby
Traditional:  Ruby
Modern:  Ruby

Sapphire Anniversary Jewelry

45th Anniversary

Jewelry: Sapphire
Traditional:   Sapphire
Modern:   Sapphire

Gold Anniversary Jewelry

50th Anniversary

Jewelry:  Gold
Traditional:   Gold
Modern:   Gold

Emerald Anniversary Jewelry

55th Anniversary

Jewelry:   Alexandrite
Traditional:   Emerald
Modern:   Emerald

60th Anniversary

Jewelry:  Diamond
Traditional:  Yellow Diamond
Modern:  Diamond

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