Rustic Diamonds

May 29, 2020 | Category: Diamonds, What's Trending

Rustic Diamonds | Samantha Louise

1. What Are Rustic Diamonds?

Rustic diamonds are diamonds characterized by their abundance of inclusions. Inclusions are small characteristics internal or external to the diamond gemstone that are caused by extreme heat and pressure while forming deep within the earth. These beautiful inclusions and the interesting patterns created within the gemstone are stunning.

Each rustic diamond has a unique pattern and look that cannot be replicated in any diamond in the world, ever again. The organic and earthy one-of-a-kind looks make them understated, memorable, and glamorous at the same time.

2. Commonly Found Colors

The inclusions determine the characteristics and colors of these diamonds. They come in a wide range of colors such as grey, warm toffee, pink, green, yellow, and black to name a few. The most popular look today is Salt and Pepper or gray-toned. The different colors are a byproduct of various minerals that grew inside the diamond, within the earth’s crust, billions of years ago. The overall appearance is a smoky tone touched with streaks of contrasting color, providing a warm and sparkly glow to catch the eye.

Natural color rustic diamond
Rustic diamond shapes

3. Rustic Shapes

Rustic diamond rings usually have rose cut diamonds. Rose cuts date back to the 16th century and were popular before the classical round shape came into fashion. They have a flat bottom and a crown which is made up of tiny triangular facets that imitate the petals of a rose. Besides the most common rose cut, rustic diamonds are also found in several other shapes – like hexagons, elongated geometric cuts, round-shaped, emerald cuts, oval cuts, and shield cut.

4. Are They As Durable As A White Diamond?

Rustic diamonds offer the same resistance to scratching as the more common clear or white diamonds. However, because of the inclusions, some rustic diamonds might have more internal weakness if the polish is not completed properly. A poorly polished rustic diamond can more easily chip off because the inclusions could make it more brittle. A quality jeweler will help review the crystal and polish to ensure it does not have any surface irregularities and will give you the confidence to wear it every day.  

5. Price

Rustic diamonds are becoming more popular as designers are cutting more shapes and designing new jewelry styles for today’s market. Because rustic diamonds start as included crystals, they are not as rare as clear or white diamonds and therefore have accessible price points for most jewelry lovers or couples celebrating an engagement.    
Rustic diamond

6. Can They Be Lab-Created?

Rustic diamonds cannot be recreated in the lab. The unique beauty of a rustic diamond comes from its one-of-a-kind crystal and shape. The organic and colorful inclusions will not be re-created in a lab or factory.  

7. Are They Color-Enhanced?

With their unique clarity and color, rustic diamonds have other important qualities – they are untreated, and their color is not enhanced.

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