Diamond Education

Diamond EducationA Brilliantly Simple Guide
Think of this as the CliffsNotes for the “Big Book of Everything Diamond.”  You don’t need to be a gemologist to follow along! We’ll give you the highlights, explain the terminology, and a diamond education.  Of course, we absolutely adore diamonds and we’d be happy to share an encyclopedia’s worth of information, but instead we’ll provide a little guidance, some important tips and the most important facts.

Diamonds are fascinating and buying one should be exciting and fun.  So let’s start at the beginning.

First Things First.
You’ve found the love of your life.  You’re ready to make the leap. Chances are this is your first diamond. And the first step to take is to figure out the perfect diamond shape.

SHAPE makes a difference.
Did you know that the shape you choose for your center diamond has an impact on how your ring looks and feels?  Consider the benefits of each of these shapes when you’re choosing.

  • Round Brilliant — the most popular; cut for maximum brilliance.
  • Princess Cut — the most popular fancy-cut; has a great deal of sparkle.
  • Oval — a modified brilliant-cut with similar fire; elongated shape creates the illusion of greater size.
  • Cushion — a square cut with rounded corners, much like a pillow; arguably giving the most sparkle.
  • Asscher Cut — an elegant square shape with blocked corners that make diamonds appear octagonal.
  • Emerald — rectangular with parallel facets and blocked corners; produces a hall-of-mirrors effect.
  • Marquise — an elongated shape with tapering points at both ends; flatters the finger.
  • Pear — teardrop-shaped, with a great deal of sparkle.
  • Radiant Cut — a combination of the emerald cut and the round brilliant; typically with blocked corners.
  • Heart — a sentimental cut that is sometimes hard to find.

Beyond The Four C’s.
Understanding the first four C’s is helpful when selecting a diamond, but it doesn’t make you an expert, and it won’t help you distinguish the difference between two diamonds of similar quality. That takes formal training. That’s why it’s important to know your jeweler. The staff members of Walters & Hogsett are trained professionals who know diamond education. Many of us are graduates of the Gemological Institute of America. We are your diamond experts—and the first place to consider when you’re looking for that important fifth C…Confidence.

That said, here’s a crash course in diamond education, in the order we believe is most important.

Now go pick out the perfect diamond!

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